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Hundred's of flights, daunting exams and sleepless nights later, I was finally a doctor....I think?

I could tell you 20 causes of heart failure on the cardiology ward round but didn't know how to create a ward list.
I could explain the biophysics behind a cannula but didn't know how to actually put one in. I could write a prescription for paracetamol in Latin, but was completely clueless on how to do it in English.

Six years of hard work were reduced to feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment in the first six days of my job.

Due to vast differences in healthcare systems, culture and the roles of healthcare professionals, many International Medical Graduates (IMG's) have found the transition from student to doctor to be a particularly challenging process. Having personally endured and overcome these challenges myself, I am acutely aware about what this "unprepared transition" period can do to a doctor's confidence and well-being.

Whilst studying abroad, it is easy to feel out of the loop with what is going on in the United Kingdom medical community. I created this space to keep you clued in and get a head start in preparing for job applications, interviews and ultimately a more confident start to your career.

I hope to achieve this using the following methods:

  • One-to-one or Group online mentoring workshops tailored to develop your CV, interview skills and overall understanding of your role as a junior doctor, improving your chances of getting a job and starting it right!
  • Links to educational resources used by medical students and doctors in the United Kingdom to help you start your careers on a more level playing field.
  • Webinars and Courses to put your skills and knowledge into practice.
  • Podcasts with successful IMG's and doctors who share their experiences and opportunities for collaborations.
  • ...and much more!

It is extremely rewarding to be able to support the unsung dedication, perseverance and resilience of our jet-setting community.

I hope you find this site useful and I would really appreciate any comments or feedback.

Safe travels!

David Dick, Final Year Medical Student
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

Without Antash’s help I would never have secured an offer from one of my top 5 standalone FY2 preferences. I have never felt I was someone that interviewed particularly well, but his advice helped me focus my thoughts and improve my responses to highlight the key areas of my CV. After our interview practice, the way he deconstructed both the questions & my answers to emphasise what the interviewer was looking for and how to answer what was really being asked helped me immensely. He was always happy to provide clear and well thought out answers to any new questions or concerns I had that came up at a later point. I can’t thank him enough.

Mo Azher, Final Year Medical Student
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

"Antash’s interview workshop was extremely helpful and informative. As an international medical student, I found his comments very concise towards essential practice and training as a doctor in the UK. He provided structural support to my answers and questions I felt relevant to what interviewers are looking for. I would definitely recommend carrying out these workshops for all UK and International medical graduates."

Pharveen Kaur Jaspal, Final Year Medical Student
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

Antash’s invaluable support and dedication to IMG’s who decide to pursue a career in the U.K. will undoubtedly assist with transitions from Medical student to FY1 doctors. His impressive insight gained while working successfully within the NHS is reflected in his tailored techniques regarding both CV and interview preparation. I wish him all the best in his new endeavour and recommend his passionate and constructive teaching approach to all international medical students.

Shreiya Narayanan, Final Year Medical Student
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

Having little experience with medical job interviews, I found Dr. Daryanani’s interview skills workshop to be incredibly beneficial. After each round in the mock interview, he helped refine my cluttered thoughts into a concise answer that helped highlight my skills and personality. He was meticulous, offered constructive feedback and dedicated time to answer any further questions I had regarding my CV and the interview process. Having done the workshop, I feel better prepared and more confident in my answers and myself in an interview setting. I would highly recommend this workshop to medical graduates interested in working in the NHS. Thank you so much once again!

Final Year Medical Student
Palacky Medical University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Antash was very friendly yet professional . I’m usually nervous about asking questions that I ‘should’ know the answers to but he was never condescending if we didn’t know something. He was very encouraging and made it feel easy to ask questions. The actual content was excellent and useful in understanding what qualities interviewers are looking for and some of the inner workings in the NHS.

Final Year Medical Student
Palacky Medical School, Olomouc, Czech Republic

I feel a lot more confident after these sessions. It was very knowledgable, insightful and it helps that Antash was very patient. I look forward to putting what I had learned into practice.

Nikita Patel, Final Year Medical Student
First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

"Dr. Daryanani is an exceptionally motivated and passionate teacher. Having been through the process of being an International Medical Graduate transitioning into the NHS, he has first-hand experience of the difficulties we may encounter. Having been taught by Dr. Daryanani these experiences translate into his teaching, which he effortlessly tailors to the needs of the individuals being taught. He demonstrates an unprecedented understanding of not only the skills we may need to build on, but also of the apprehensions we may have as International Medical Graduates entering into an unfamiliar working environment. The hard-work and dedication put into the teaching sessions is evident and most definitely elevated my clinical knowledge and skills"

International Medical Student

"After finishing the first step of my journey with Jetset Medics by having a one-on-one consultation, I feel a lot more reassured about my situation of working in the UK. Personalised steps were made for myself in areas where I needed help and these will hopefully be worked and developed on in the future. Very pleased!"

International Medical Student

Before attending this webinar I had no confidence heading into my first interview. Antash has made an amazing presentation that shows clearly what I need to learn and build on and also showing some strengths I had I never thought about. This is due to the amazing structure and the content of the webinar. I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s applying for medical interviews as this can give you that extra edge you may need to secure a place.

  •  22/01/2021 06:00 PM - 22/01/2021 07:10 PM

Join us at 1800 CET (Central European Time) for this exclusive webinar designed to help you improve your CV during the pandemic and maximise your chances of obtaining a job in the NHS.

  •  29/06/2020 08:00 AM - 24/07/2020 07:30 PM
  •   Great Western Hospital, Downs Way, Swindon, UK

Our Summer Mentorship Programme is back with a new and improved name, structure and team! The Swindon Integrated Transition Course for Healthcare Professionals (SWITCH) Programme aims to build on the positive, yet constructive feedback of our previous course.

  •  22/05/2020 03:00 PM - 22/05/2020 04:00 PM
  • Online Event

Are you preparing for medical interviews to secure your first job as a junior doctor in the United Kingdom?

About image
Hello, my name's Antash. I'm the founder of Jetset Medics and a medical doctor working for the National Health Service.

I grew up in the North West of England and after missing out on a place at medical school in the UK, I looked to alternative ways to pursue my ambition to be a doctor. I stumbled across the wonderful option to study abroad and one month later nervously purchased a one way ticket to Prague. I had a wonderful six years making great friends and memories that have had a massive impact on my personal and professional development.

Clinical Experience

I graduated in 2017 from the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and went onto gain foundation doctor training posts at hospitals in England and Wales. I have gained experience in a variety of medical and surgical specialties in both adult and paediatric patients. I've played a significant role in organising and running multiple quality improvement projects that have led to a change in practice. They have been presented at conferences at both a national and international level.

I have successfully secured one of four training posts for ACCS-Anaesthesia close to my family home in Merseyside.

Qualifications and Experience in Medical Education

I have previously worked as an Academic Foundation Doctor at Great Western Hospital in Swindon, where I spent my time evenly between clinical and educational commitments. This has given me the opportunity to pursue my interests in supporting the training and well-being of medical students and foundation doctors alongside my development as a clinician.

I led and co-founded two successful Summer Mentorship Programmes for International Medical Graduates which ran in July 2019 and during the COVID-19 Pandemic in July 2020. Check out our page for more information.

I organise and deliver simulation teaching to junior doctors on a regular basis and have completed the Train the Trainers Simulation Course from the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre. I have completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Healthcare Professionals at the University of Bristol. This has helped me to incorporate evidence-based methodology and techniques into my teaching.

I've had the pleasure of working with the Well and Resilient Doctors (WARD) organisation which is a peer-led support group for junior doctors in the South West of England. I particularly enjoy working with doctors that are new to the NHS.

I ranked in the top 5% of candidates for F1 Stand-alone interviews in 2017 and have helped many students and doctors prepare for interviews since. I've learnt a lot along the way and I'm eager to share my insights with you.

Interests Outside Medicine

In my spare time I enjoy travelling and socialising with my friends and family. I'm a self-proclaimed connoisseur of hummus and remain undefeated in my career as an Ultra White Collar Boxer.

I've been fortunate to meet and learn from a lot of inspiring students and healthcare professionals during my journey and I look forward to doing the same with you.

Best Wishes,

Dr Antash Daryanani

Check out my LinkedIn here for more information about my professional background and qualifications.
  •  01/07/2019 08:00 AM

We designed course tailored to the specific needs of international medical graduates hoping to work for the NHS. Scroll down for a summary along with testimonials form candidates and photographs.

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