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Hello, my name's Antash. I'm the founder of Jetset Medics and a medical doctor working for the National Health Service.

I grew up in the North West of England and after missing out on a place at medical school in the UK, I looked to alternative ways to pursue my ambition to be a doctor. I stumbled across the wonderful option to study abroad and one month later nervously purchased a one way ticket to Prague. I had a wonderful six years making great friends and memories that have had a massive impact on my personal and professional development.

Clinical Experience

I graduated in 2017 from the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and went onto gain foundation doctor training posts at hospitals in England and Wales. I have gained experience in a variety of medical and surgical specialties in both adult and paediatric patients. I've played a significant role in organising and running multiple quality improvement projects that have led to a change in practice. They have been presented at conferences at both a national and international level.

I have successfully secured one of four training posts for ACCS-Anaesthesia close to my family home in Merseyside.

Qualifications and Experience in Medical Education

I have previously worked as an Academic Foundation Doctor at Great Western Hospital in Swindon, where I spent my time evenly between clinical and educational commitments. This has given me the opportunity to pursue my interests in supporting the training and well-being of medical students and foundation doctors alongside my development as a clinician.

I led and co-founded two successful Summer Mentorship Programmes for International Medical Graduates which ran in July 2019 and during the COVID-19 Pandemic in July 2020. Check out our page for more information.

I organise and deliver simulation teaching to junior doctors on a regular basis and have completed the Train the Trainers Simulation Course from the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre. I have completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Healthcare Professionals at the University of Bristol. This has helped me to incorporate evidence-based methodology and techniques into my teaching.

I've had the pleasure of working with the Well and Resilient Doctors (WARD) organisation which is a peer-led support group for junior doctors in the South West of England. I particularly enjoy working with doctors that are new to the NHS.

I ranked in the top 5% of candidates for F1 Stand-alone interviews in 2017 and have helped many students and doctors prepare for interviews since. I've learnt a lot along the way and I'm eager to share my insights with you.

Interests Outside Medicine

In my spare time I enjoy travelling and socialising with my friends and family. I'm a self-proclaimed connoisseur of hummus and remain undefeated in my career as an Ultra White Collar Boxer.

I've been fortunate to meet and learn from a lot of inspiring students and healthcare professionals during my journey and I look forward to doing the same with you.

Best Wishes,

Dr Antash Daryanani

Check out my LinkedIn here for more information about my professional background and qualifications.