You NEED to know about these documents and websites.

1. General Medical Council (GMC) 

The GMC is the main governing body for doctors practicing in the U.K. It's main purposes are to regulate the registry of certified medical doctors and to set standards for medical schools. It's a great website with a lot of useful information, and I would highly recommend the following documents:

  • Outcomes for GraduatesThis document highlights the competencies that medical student should possess prior to graduation. It's a great guide help you fine-tune your skills and knowledge and gives you an idea of what is expected of you starting your job.

  • Good Medical PracticeThis document encompasses the moral and ethical principles that enable us to practice medicine in the best possible way. It is a must-read for interview preparation. 

2. Medical Defence Union (MDU)

One of the top indemnity providers for doctors, this website has excellent resources to help you learn about medico-legal aspects to your practice.

3. British Medical Association

The leading trade union and helps to support the personal and professional development of doctors. Check out their website for hot topics in the junior doctor spotlight.

4. Royal College Websites

The Royal Colleges bring together the finest minds of their fields to set standards in clinical practice and education. Pick your college of interest and look out for webinars, conferences, competitions and much more!

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