Stepping up to Foundation Year (SUFY)

We have compiled a list of presentations to help support your induction and transition from medical student to doctor. Often the first few weeks of the job can be overwhelming and so please check out the following presentations to help with the more practical aspects of the job!

These were presented as webinars on the 25 and 26 July 2020. We will be uploading the videos on our youtube channel in the near future, but please use the following presentations in the mean time:

1.How to make the most of induction week.pptx

2.How the healthcare system works in the UK.pptx

3.Being an FY Doctor-Part 1.pptx

4.Being an FY Doctor-Part 2.pptx

5.Communication skills Part 1.pptx

6.Communication skills Part 2.pptx

7.Dealing With Death Part 1.pptx

8.Dealing With Death Part 2.pptx

9.Your guide to the E-portfolio.pptx

10.Your contract, rota and pay.pptx

11.Clinical Governance.pptx

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