Top App's
  • Pocket Dr (Only available on App Store.): provides step-by-step plans common on-call complaints to help you develop a more problem based approach. 

  • MDCALCBased on the website. Has a range of clinical scoring systems useful for quick calculations on the ward. (e.g e-GFR, CHADS-VASC-2 etc.) 

  • Induction: Impress your colleagues on your placements with this hub of important phone numbers, extensions, and guidelines for most hospitals in the U.K. (Requires an NHS email to register, so get your hospital's I.T. department to make one for you!)

  • IRESUSUp-to-date algorithms for the resuscitation and management of life-threatening emergencies.

  • Medscape: Download the app for easy access this well-known database of clinical information. 
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