Top InstaMedics
  • Dr Neel Reddy (@dr_pocketsquare): Follow the stylish life of this London-based emergency medicine consultant and men's fashion influencer. His stories help to inspire and promote a good work-life balance in our profession.

  • Dr Jacyntha (@doctor.jacyntha)I've been following this inspiring anaesthetics and intensive care doctor throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and have found her work and insights to be captivating.

  • Dr Sarah Bailey (@thegymmedic): This rugby doctor and fitness trainer will give you practical insights and tips into how to stay healthy and happy whilst working.

  • Dr Hamza Mujtaba (@hamzamuj): A true jetsetter, this junior doctor is also a fully licensed drone pilot who has collaborated with the likes of the BBC and Channel 5. Check out some of his stunning visuals.

  • Dr Zohaib Khawaja (@zoobyk):  A star of the BBC's "Junior Doctors: On the front line" show which follows the daily grind of recently qualified doctors.

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